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Spinner Full Album Stream: Marriages ‘Kitsune” Out Today

Click above to hear the Spinner full album stream of Kitsune by Marriages out today, May 1st on Sargent House. Order the CD or Vinyl, or buy on Bandcamp or Itunes 

Spinner: Le Butcherettes, ‘I’m Getting Sick of You’ - Video of the Day

Artist: Le Butcherettes
Video: 'I'm Getting Sick of You'
Highlight: "Being able to to play with Lia and Omar on MTV Iggy has been nothing but a pleasurable experience, wanting nothing more or less to create an understanding of the self,” singer/guitarist Teri Gender Bender tells Spinner. “This video, ‘I’m Getting Sick of You,’ is so special to me because this is a song I wrote in my bedroom when I was 17, in my home country Mexico. I was surrounded by my family’s love, which helped me focus anger at the third-world bureaucracies that occurred against the working class man and woman. I was sick of it. It’s just so amazing to me how the song’s energy could be transformed with time and get so far as going to another country, such a great opportunity for a proud Mexican girl of 17 (now 22). You should see the e-mails I get from my fans in Mexico saying how proud they are of me.”

Le Butcherettes Interview with Spinner

Le Butcherettes hail from the underground Mexican scene, where they quickly rose to fame for their daring live act featuring onstage theatrics involving fake blood and political stunts in the name of stopping violence against women. When vocalist Teri Gender Bender (born Teresa Suaréz) relocated to the U.S. in 2011, she reconvened the band with Gabe Serbian on drums and Jonathan Hischke on bass.

Thanks to the recent release of ‘Sin Sin Sin' — which sees the band signed to the label of renowned producer and musician Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (the Mars VoltaAt the Drive-In), who also plays bass on the disc — the act’s stock is rising. The record has even reached No. 1 on the iTunes Mexico Alternative charts in Bender’s homeland.

With a string of dates with the mighty Queens of the Stone Age on the horizon, Bender sat down with Spinner to discuss her crazy live show (from the early days of incorporating a severed pig head into the set to her token blood-soaked apron.) The fiery 22-year-old also recounts a near-death stage-diving incident in Tennessee and how Malcolm X inspired her rock ‘n’ roll namesake. 

Why did you nickname yourself “Teri Gender Bender”?

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SPINNER: Featured MP3 Tera Melos’ Frozen Zoo

Artist: Tera Melos
Hail From: Sacramento, Calif.
Song: ’Frozen Zoo’
Album: 'Patagonian Rats'
Sounds Like: The Flaming LipsHealth

In Their Words: “‘Frozen Zoo’ was a warped experiment on our version of a pop song. It was very unorthodox in how it was conceived/recorded. In the past we have tried to emphasize the atypical pieces of our music, but on this track the emphasis is pushed towards the simplicity found in nearly all elements of the song: Drums, guitars, melodies, structure etc. The trick is to then tweak those elements in an unusual way that can take the listener out of their comfort zone while still maintaining a classic ‘pop’ feel.” — Guitarist/vocalist Nick Reinhart 

Download: ‘Frozen Zoo’ (MP3)