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Le Butcherettes Album Release Show TONIGHT May 11th

We are all such huge fans of Mike Watt + The Missingmen so we were really happy when they said they’d  be happy to come play the album release show for Sin Sin Sin with Le Butcherettes on May 11th at the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles along with Agent Ribbons. Talk about making a great show really great. Make sure to get tickets in advance! 21+ Doors at 8pm / Agent Ribbons on at 9pm.  

COS Reviews Le Butcherettes Sin Sin Sin 4/5 

Le Butcherettes have been receiving considerable ecstatic accolades surrounding their raucous live performances, especially since relocating from Guadalajara, Mexico to Los Angeles in 2010. These live shows are notorious for being highly energetic pieces of performance art that feature decapitated pig heads, fake blood, and front-woman Teri Gender Bender spending as much time in the crowd as onstage. These antics have netted them opening slots for The Dead Weather and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and an upcoming tour with Deftones and Dillinger Escape Plan. Their full length debut is finally here, and it comes courtesy of producer Omar Rodriguez-Lopez of The Mars Volta.

Opener “Tonight” and the following “New York” are deceptively straightforward, with the former featuring an in-your-face, throbbing synth riff and the latter being a simple, but nonetheless powerful piece of garage punk. On the appropriately titled “Bang!”, Le Butcherettes relentlessly assault the listener, rocking off more socks in under two minutes than most bands can hope to accomplish with an entire album. Terri Gender Bender delivers every song on Sin Sin Sin from seemingly a different character and perspective and always with riot grrrl fury.

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Impose Magazine Review: Le Butcherettes Sin Sin Sin

Le Butcherettes, Sin Sin Sin /May 10, 2011

Le Butcherettes
, which started as a duo in Guadalajara, Mexico, is captained by 21-year old singer/guitarist/pianist Teri Gender Bender, and mentored by Omar Rodriguez Lopez, who also plays bass on the album. After settling in LA in 2010, Gender Bender joined forces with drummer Gabe from The Locust and bassist Jonathan from Hella and Le Butcherettes USA was born. The songs on this debut album grab you by the throat right away, with jagged garage punk edges and dirt in the amps, and just eye-balling the song titles it’s clear there’s a fixation with philosophers and writers. The question is, can they sustain the intrigue of the first few bars?

Henry Don’t Got Love,” referring to that master of vocabulary Henry Miller, is promising, as is “The Leibniz Language,” name-checking philosopher Wilhelm Liebniz. After that things get sketchy, but “Mr. Tolstoi” lands in close proximity to the Dresden Dolls theatrical, art-damaged neighborhood, as Gender Bender’s vocals cross paths with the Dolls’ Amanda Palmer and she shows some range. They’re at their best when they get revved up/fucked up as they do on “Dress Off.” There’s a raw Babes In Toyland quality to that song and more of that would be welcome. The hilarious tray photo that depicts a child-aged Ayn Rand sitting on the lap of Karl Marx as Friedrich Nietzsche an Virginia Woolf look on is a nice touch.

Le Butcherettes On The Creative Process and The New Album

Le Butcherettes On Their Creative Approach To Songwriting And The Meaning Behind Their New Album

Le Butcherettes know how to put on a live show. The “garage-punk trio” (which originally began in 2008 as a duo), fronted by Teri Gender Bender, has come from Mexico to Los Angeles, bringing with them an almost theatrical energy and obvious passion for their music. Read on to learn about the band’s unique songwriting process and how their new album Sin Sin Sin represents both musical and spiritual growth. 

Without using the words “alternative,” “pop,” “rock,” or “hip-hop,” describe your sound.

I describe this sound to be simple but powerful. I really don’t know how to answer this question without looking like a goof. I usually describe it as “butcher rock” because I butcher and cut the hell out of the songs and then every song ends up having a different sound to it.  When Omar and I worked on the album I would say he added wonders of elegance to it. He gave my chaos a lot of polishing and has allowed me to live in my own songs when they are played live. Lars Stalfors and Isaiah Abolin really did a great job on the engineering. Life changes and the next sound might be different.

What or whom do you go to for musical inspiration?
During the recording of the LP I was listening to a lot of Spice Girls, David Bowie and Beck. I love Bowie’s music so much. After we would finish recording for the day I’d drive back to my Mother’s home (in GDL) and just put Bowie on full blast. Beck makes me feel so alive and sexy. Spice Girls are just for fun to bring back the old days when I would use a hairbrush for a microphone. Nowadays Gabe and Jon have been feeding me tons of cool old school rock I’ve never heard of: Betty Davis, Diamanda Galas, Marnie Stern, etc…

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Le Butcherettes Album Release Show in LA on May 11

Le Butcherettes will be playing their album release show for Sin Sin Sin with good friends and awesome band Agent Ribbons on May 11th at the Bootleg Theater, 2220 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA  make sure to get TIX sorry it’s 21+ 


NPR Music Exclusive Preview: Le Butcherettes ” Sick Of You”

Click to Hear “Sick Of You” 

This week on All Songs Considered, we’ve got an exclusive premiere from a record whose origins date back five years, and whose inspirations go back decades more. Rome is a collaboration between producer Danger Mouse and film composer Daniele Luppi, whose shared love of classic Italian film music became the basis for an album that plays like a futuristic spaghetti western score. Much delayed since the two began work in 2006, Rome will finally see release on May 17 — and we’ll stream it as a First Listen the week before. Until then, you can hear “The Rose With a Broken Neck,” featuring vocals from Jack White, on this week’s show.

Also on the program, two more exclusive premieres: a soulful, down-tempo number from cellist and singer Ben Sollee and some raucous garage-punk from Mexico’s Le Butcherettes

MTV Iggy Album Review: Le Butcherettes Tear Garage Rock A New One With Sin Sin Sin

Sin Sin Sin
Le Butcherettes
Release date: May 10, 2011 on Rodriguez Lopez Productions

Mexico City garage punks Le Butcherettes have debuted with Sin Sin Sin a slab of seductive and surreal rock that more than stands up to the mayhem of their live show.

Produced by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, the recording has an immediacy that makes the listener feel as if they are watching the duo’s blood spattered garage rock cabaret unfold before their eyes. Riveting frontwoman/guitarist Teri Gender Bender manages to combine Nina Hagen and Joan Jett with a little bit of Frida Kahlo and a whole lot of Kim Deal. By that we mean she’s a weird girl with a powerful singing voice who likes to read. (Yeah, we have a crush on her.) Drummer/masked cipher Normandi Heuxdaflo plays Meg to her Jack White.

Their tuneful blues rock is animated by bizarre imagery and riot grrrl rage. Ms. Gender Bender calls out famous alpha-male literary figures like Henry Miller and 17th Century philosophers and the patriarchy in general in evocative lines like, “We walk through the zoo at night/Tell your friends that I’m a fright.”

The diversity of the songs on the album keep things — even more — interesting. “Leibniz Language,” is a stand out driven by moody, punk-rock organ, and like all the songs on the album, follows a multi-part song structure. “The Actress That Ate Rousseau” has jazzy streak that recalls The Noisettes, while songs like “Bang!” are a little more direct about rocking your face off.

Bikini Kill plus books? The Magnetic Fields plus heavy riffs? However you want to file it, Sin Sin Sin is recommended for fans of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Kills or The White Stripes and highly recommended for anyone getting over a break up with a dude or anyone who needs something to drown out the D-bags who routinely have loud, ignorant conversations on public transit.

Sonny Kay + Le Butcherettes = Great Artwork

"Let’s all be honest here, who is gonna hold out on posting about Sonny Kay‘s new work? Not us at SCV that’s for sure. Here is the latest by Sonny which he created for the enormous in-your-face Mexican group, Le Butcherettes. This group has done their fair share of touring last year, and get ready for a hell of a lot more when their new record releases in May. The frontwoman is amazing, the drummer is sick, and the bassist is solid. Plus they are signed to the immaculate Rodriguez Lopez Productions. Back to the Sonny Kay work, I mean how many times have we seen artists try to replicate this style of “punk” photography? The way I see it, Sonny has taken all these past attempts and of course worked his magic touch on it. The results (as you can see above) are visceral, gritty, yet innocent and almost melancholy. Here is proof once again that Sonny is capable of creation on all grounds of artwork. You can never expect what’s going to come next from this dude. So go buy the album when it comes out in May!” –Pouya G. Asadi / Sound Colour Vibration 

Le Butcherettes Announce Debut Album Sin Sin Sin

If you haven’t heard about Le Butcherettes, I am surprised. I mean, maybe the gentle pulse of hype has missed you, but just seeing their name had to invoke some curiosity with its implicit violence and Spanish roots. And these are not red herrings. A little digging and you will discover that the band is indeed from Mexico City and want their to be a little violence in their rock. And, well, good.

Le Butcherettes will make their formal debut with Sin Sin Sin, their May 10th full-length debut on Rodriguez Lopez Productions. The record will feature 13 tracks of music that has drawn comparisons to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Patti Smith and Bikini Kill. The band also has a series of live dates that includes SXSW, so take a look at them and check the group out for yourself. Dates and track listing below.

Sin Sin Sin

01. Tonight
02. New York (MP3)
03. Henry Don’t Got Love (DL)
04. Leibniz Language
05. Bang!
06. All You See in Me is Death
07. I’m Getting Sick Of You
08. Riko’s Smooth Talking Mother
09. The Actress That Ate Rousseau
10. Tainted in Sin
11. Dress Off
12. Empty Dimes
13. Mr. Tolstoi

03/11 Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo #
03/19 Austin,TX @ Emo’s Annex – SXSW Sargent House/RLProductions showcase ^^
05/20 Jacksonville, FL @ Plush *
05/21 Orlando, FL @ Hard Rock Cafe *
05/22 Boca Raton, FL @ Sunset Cove Amphitheater *
05/28 Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle *
05/29 Memphis, TN @ Minglewood Hall *
06/01 Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom *
06/04 Austin, TX @ Austin Music Hall *
06/05 Corpus Christi, TX @ Concrete Street Amphitheatre *
06/06 Grand Prairie, TX @ Verizon Theatre *
06/10 Hollywood, CA @ The Hollywood Palladium *
06/13 San Francisco, CA @ The Warfield Theatre *

# with Mike Watt & The Missing Men
^^ with Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Cast Spells, Adebisi Shank, Fang Island, Gypsyblood,
Therapies Son, Native, Zechs Marquise
* with Deftones, The Dillinger Escape Plan

AL BORDE INTERVIEWS: Teri Gender Bender/Le Butcherettes

Teri Gender Bender
Written by Hilda Gabriela

Teri Gender Bender Is Breaking the Norm 

Le Butcherettes

She’s not bending genders so much as gender roles. Le Butcherettes' Teri Gender Bender is an advocate against exploitation, against women's expected roles in society and the oppression of social norms. Foremost, she's a person with a message. The musician part, ironically we learned, comes last.

In her role as lead to Mexican punk band, Le Butcherettes, Teri Gender Bender plays a housewife drenched in blood: a laborer who deeply devoted to serving her husband and family by routinely washing dishes and cutting meat for dinner, puts her own needs aside. The drummer, Normandi Heuxdaflo, is the dominant male figure that in accordance to social norms, is the bread winner and nucleus of the family. That’s the message to the band according to Teri Gender Bender’s views on social roles and female identity. It’s a message that has been stirring in her mind since high school when Sylvia Plath readings filled the void that Teri’s then teachers failed to illustrate with daily curriculum. 

We meant to speak to Teri about her Sin, Sin, Sin album which was produced by Mars Volta’s, Omar Rodriguez-López, and about Le Butcherettes’ upcoming Cali gigs, but somehow, we got carried away and talked about everything from gender roles, making music for money and Teri’s fear of rocks. Here’s a peek into that conversation. 

Le Butcherettes

Ok then, Teri Gender Bender. You’ve got a message? Very well. Spit it.

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LE BUTCHERETTES “Henry Don’t Got Love” & “Bang”on Telehit TV

Le Butcherettes performing on Mexico’s Telehit TV “Henry Don’t Got Love" & Bang from the upcoming LP called Sin Sin Sin

LE BUTCHERETTES: Free Download “Henry Don’t Got Love”

The first single “Henry Don’t Got Love" from the upcoming full length album SIN SIN SIN by Le Butcherettes produced by Omar Rodriguez Lopez is now available and it’s a FREE download! So spread the love and see you at the shows.  Album coming soon on Rodriguez Lopez Productions

TUNE IN: Le Butcherettes Premiere Sin Sin Sin on Reactor FM May 28th

Tune in HERE on May 28th at 11:45am (CST)  to hear Teri Gender Bender live on Reactor FM for an interview and to premiere songs from Le butcherettes upcoming album SIN SIN SIN coming out on Rodriguez Lopez Productions. Tune in on Reactor FM