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Delightfully weird. That’s the best way I can describe the Bosnian Rainbows featuring Teri Gender Bender also of Le Butcherettes and Omar Rodriguez Lopez formerly of Mars Volta. They are one of my favorite bands on the road right now and last night at the Crocodile they affirmed that for me.

Teri Gender Bender overwhelms the front of the stage while Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Deantoni Parks and Nicci Kasper form a unified line in the rear. Teri starts out looking sweet and innocent with a pretty smile and an almost shy presence. Then you see the lights go a little dark in her eyes. She starts grinding her fist into her forehead with what appears to be authentic intensity and then it’s on.

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KEXP: Live Review of Deafheaven & Marriages - Seattle at El Corazon



If volume is your only musical qualifier, then there is probably only one band on your best of 2013 list. San Francisco metal band Deafheaven dropped Sunbather last month, a seven track sonic masterpiece that relentlessly pulls at your heartstrings and threatens hearing damage for 60 minutes. The album’s opener “Dream House” has been universally declared one of the year’s best, as it expertly mixes black metal shape with post rock size and shoegaze atmosphere. The rest of the album continues in suit, taking you on an emotional roller coaster of brilliant architecture. But there’s always the question of “Can they pull it all off live?”, and with the size and undertaking of Sunbather, it wasn’t an unfair one to ask. But rest assured, Deafheaven’s live show only serves to further exercise the massive, beautiful power this band has created, and it now comes pretty damned close to the top of my list for best show of the year. With LA experimental rock group Marriages to open, Deafheaven gave us a night of blood, sweat and wonder to remember for weeks to come.

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KEXP’s Song of the Day: Fang Island – Sisterly

Every Monday through Friday, we deliver a different song as part our Song of the Day podcast subscription. This podcast features exclusive KEXP in-studio performances, unreleased songs, and recordings from independent artists that our DJs think you should hear. Today’s selection, featured on the Morning Show with John Richards, is “Sisterly” by Fang Island from the 2012 album Major on Sargent House.

Fang Island – Sisterly (MP3)

Named after Donald Rumsfeld’s supposed hideout in an Onion article, Providence, Rhode Island’s Fang Island crafts music that, according to the band, sounds like “everyone high-fiving each other.” Featuring big, crashing drums, ripping guitar solos, and singalong choruses, the trio’s style is custom-fitted to both long drives in the warm months and crowded house parties in the cold ones. Buzzing with reckless abandon, “Sisterly” finds Fang Island in a playful mood that appropriately fits the album’s title. Clocking in at just over three-and-a-half minutes, “Sisterly” bounces along at a brisk pace, only stopping for a melodic and face-melting guitar solo courtesy of mustachioed guitarist Chris Georges. Fang Island might have originated as an art school project, but “Sisterly” shows that it’s clearly intended for fun outside of the classroom.

Fang Island just came through Seattle earlier this month, so if you missed the show, you may need to wait a bit until they return to high-five Cascadia once again. For now, you can listen to their recent in-studio session at KEXP here, find out more about the band here, and watch the Behn Fannin-directed video for “Sisterly,” in which the band are pelted with stuffed animals, here:

Line Out: Brian Cook Chronicles Russian Circles Euro Tour Diary Pt. 3 w/ Deafheaven

Continuing on from last week

Hamburg, Germany

You know what’s depressing? Cutting through a red light district in broad daylight with the prostitutes already hanging out in their windows while Adele’s “Someone Like You” plays over outdoor speakers.

Just down the street from the red light district is Hafenklang, one of my favorite venues in Germany. The people who work here are always a pleasure to work with, the size of the room is perfect, and the club is easy walking distance from the Reeperbahn. Tonight’s show is a drone festival. Two stages, six bands. And the ticket price is still less than half of the fest we played in Estonia. But ya know, as much as I enjoy listening to drone stuff when I’m at home, it’s not really the kind of music I want to spend an evening watching at a club. I watch a few of the acts before I start feeling narcoleptic. I’m not even bothering with beer tonight; I’ve switched to some sort of carbonated yerba mate drink in an effort to stay awake.

Tonight is Derek from Deafheaven’s birthday. There are plans to go out on the town after the show, but by the time we’re packed up and loaded out, it’s 3am. The other guys go for it, but Che and I opt to sit in our hotel room and eat Burger King before going to bed.

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