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NPR Video Premiere: Emma Ruth Rundle’s “Arms I Know So Well”

This is debut music from the ethereal performer Emma Ruth Rundle. The video for “Arms I Know So Well" is a beautiful portrayal of solitude and living with one’s self, directed by Thomas McMahan. “Arms I Know So Well” is from her first album, called Some Heavy Ocean. Currently, she is on tour with Boris in her other project, a rock band called Marriages.

See All Marriages Tour dates
Aug 16 - Seattle, Wash. @ The Crocodile
Aug 17 - Vancouver, B.C. @ Rickshaw Theatre
Aug 18 - Portland, Ore. @ Doug Fir Lounge
Aug 20 - San Francisco, Calif. @ The Independent
Aug 21 - Santa Cruz, Calif. @ The Catalyst Atrium
Aug 22 - San Luis Obispo, Calif. @ SLO Brew

NPR Music First Listen: Boris “Noise” Full Album Stream a week before Release


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To pay undivided attention to the Japanese experimental band would make it hard to keep up with the rest of modern music. Since 1996, the group has released 20 studio albums — as well as 11 collaborations with high-profile artists like psychedelic guitar phantoms Keiji Haino (Fushitsusha, Nazoranai) and Michio Kurihara (Ghost), noise lord Merzbow, and seismic drone outfit — and enough live recordings, demos, EPs and other collectibles to fill a laundry basket.

To Boris' credit, all that work covers a vast swath of music: lead-lined doom, stoner rock, heavy sludge, drone, shoegaze, loud pop, avant-garde experiments and shades of alternative rock. It's hard to know what to expect from the band once its latest record is finished; each successive release presents another shade of Boris, while moving farther away from a personality that can be pinned down. It's always one more effects pedal, one more custom amp, one more smash of drummer Atsuo's rear-mounted gong.

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The Dinner Party Download Episode 209: with Deafheaven, Chuck Klosterman, Herb Alpert and more.. Take A Listen



Click above to listen - DH come in around 46:30 in

NPR Question of the Week gets answered with George Clarke and Deafheaven

Last night I witnessed an intense and commanding performance. The band was Deafheaven and lead singer George Clarke kept me riveted. Here’s what it looked like captured by my phone:

Now this is not a vocal style I gravitate toward, but something happened last night that I don’t usually see in a performance: two opposing emotions were coming at me at the same moment. There was fierce venom from George Clarke and, believe it or not, a kind of grace when he wasn’t lurching or screaming (you can see it near the end of the video, when he stretches his hands out over the audience). I kept expecting to feel agitated and instead watching the catharsis felt oddly heartwarming. I also madly loved the abrupt shifts in the music — explosive, pensive and beautiful. - Bob Boilen

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NPR Morning Edition: Bosnian Rainbows


To understand why Bosnian Rainbows' music stands out, you have to go back to 2007 in Guadalajara, Mexico. A singer named Teresa Suarez has taken the stage name Teri Gender Bender — adopted as a feminist statement while at the head of a band called Le Butcherettes .

With a snarl that could send Billy Idol off whimpering into a corner, she’s a mesmerizing and at times terrifying performer. Her style is part Iggy Pop and part Mick Jagger, with a Mexican punk soul. “Frightening and glorious” is how one audience member described her to me. There is no woman quite like her in Latin music, but she says that early on, that seemed to work against her.

During one particularly rough gig in Guadalajara, the power went out, but the band played on. It was a good thing it did, because somewhere in the audience was a Grammy-winning producer and musician named Omar Rodriguez Lopez. He was mesmerized: She was exactly what he was looking for in a collaborator for his new project.

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NPR First Listen: Bosnian Rainbows Full Album stream


Listening to Bosnian Rainbows' first album made me think of the paradox about unstoppable forces and immovable objects — as in, “What happens when Omar Rodriguez Lopez (At The Drive In) leads a band alongside Teri Gender Bender (Le Butcherettes) Both powerful and iconoclastic performers, the two somehow join together without crowding each other out.

Lopez is known for being prolific and brilliant, but he also has a reputation in the industry for being brooding, controlling, even dictatorial. He himself has gone on record saying, “I don’t want to be a dictator all my life,” and said his greatest challenge and desire is to be able to collaborate with band members. If so, then his best move was deciding to play with a singer who is not to be bossed around.

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NPR names their 25 Favorite albums of 2013 so far Deafheaven makes their list

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NPR Premieres Deafheaven’s “Dream House” from the new album Sunbather out on June 11





Esquire Magazine & NPR “Best of SXSW” Deafheaven Makes Their List

My NPR colleague Mike Katzif called Deafheaven “the Sigur Ros of black metal,” and he’s right on the money. The San Francisco band’s music heaves and builds and pummels majestically, and then singer George Clarke lurches defensively and shrieks angrily like a mother hawk protecting her young. Brutal and bracing, with a shoegazing indie-rock band’s ear for graceful melodicism. - Stephen Thompson

Good Old War: WXPN and NPR Music Broadcast Present: live Fridays Good Old War from the stage at World Cafe - March 2, 2012


Hear a Live Friday Concert by Good Old War and Jesse Baylin at 12noon ET 9am PST from WXPN and NPR Music Broadcast live this Friday March 2nd from the stage at World Cafe Live

Known for their lively and inspiring on-stage performances, Good Old War will be at World Cafe Live for this week’s Free at Noon. Come here from their latest, “Come Back As Rain,” and start the weekend with some great live music. - RSVP HERE TO ATTEND

Upcoming Release: Come Back As Rain
Release Date: March 6, 2012
Label: Sargent House

Philadelphia’s own, Good Old War, has a new album, Come Back As Rain, out next week. These Philly natives and indie-folk trio, consist of Keith Goodwin (vocals, guitar, keys), Tim Arnold (drums, keys, accordion, cocals), and Daniel Schwartz (guitar, vocals). Pulling from each of their surnames to create the band’s moniker, these three friends and collaborators have created a great chemistry on stage and a knack for mesmerizing three-part harmonies. Playing at festivals such as SXSW and the XPoNential Music Festival, collaborating with Anthony Green, and cultivating a reputation that’s reached beyond the Philly music scene to the rest of the nation, Good Old War have started out their first few years in a successful fashion.

Now on their third release, Good Old War is injecting a bit of wistful pop into their normal infectious, folksy melodies. Their new album, Come Back As Rain out March 6 on Sargent House, is full of signature Good Old War acoustic pep, but it also conveys some of the band’s “longing for home that happens when you’re away all the time,” as put by Goodwin. Also embedded in in the album is an expanding list of influences—electronic, classic rock, and ’60s folk all play a part in creating the upbeat and smart folk of Good Old War.

Good Old War returns to Headline a show in Philly on April 27 at Union Transfer.

Deafheaven’s Roads To Judah - On End of Year Lists: NPR, Pitchfork, Decibel, AV Club, Metal Sucks, Treble

Deafheaven's album Roads to Judah out now on Deathwish, Inc  has been ending up on a lot of Best Metal Album of 2011 Lists. We agree, the album kicks serious ass.

NPR Song of the Day : Hella “Headless”

Hella: Scribbling Outside The Lines

Hella’s Zach Hill and Spencer Seim don’t just color outside the lines of rock ‘n’ roll — they scrawl all over the page, across the tabletop and into the next room. Depending on your perspective, the result is either a dazzlingly unruly abstraction or an unholy mess.

The Sacramento instrumental duo has basically one setting, and it’s full-speed-ahead sensory overload. Hill’s polyrhythmic drum assault and Seim’s jittery, Beefheart-by-way-of-Bad Brains guitar parts volley and tangle frenetically, battling to occupy every square inch of sonic real estate. Needless to say, it’s not easy listening, but with a little patience, unsnarling the duo’s dueling lines can yield exhilarating rewards.

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NPR First Listen: Boris’ Attention Please

CLICK TO STREAM “Attention Please” on NPR

You can’t really accuse Boris of slowing down. The Japanese heavy music trio hasn’t released a proper “rock” album since 2008’s Smile, but in the interim put out a split 10” with the pop-metal band Torche, a collaborative EP with The Cult’s Ian Astbury and an excellent series of seven-inch singles called Japanese Heavy Rock Hits. But still, rabid Boris fans (and they are the collector types, mind you) have been waiting for something more substantial. Attention Please is just one of four — four! — Boris albums coming out this spring. Its release coincides with that of Heavy Rocks (not to be confused with the 2002 album of the same name) and two Japanese-only titles: another collaboration with noise master Merzbow called Klatter, as well as New Album, which frustratingly mixes tracks from Attention Please and the new Heavy Rocks with other material. Completists, the ball’s in your court. 
Attention Please, out May 24, is not only the best of this new Boris batch, but also a far-ranging leap forward for a band that felt stuck on Smile. Anchored by lead guitarist Wata, Attention Please is the first Boris album to exclusively feature her intimate vocals. After her scant but enjoyable vocal contributions on 2006’s Rainbow, the focus is welcome.

The great thing about Boris has always been its noncommittal attitude toward style. On one album, the band will serve up mammoth-sized drone; on another, soft electro-pop with sky-pealing guitar solos. On Attention Please, style runs the gamut from one song to the next, but the album never loses momentum. Songs like “Hope,” “Les Paul Custom ‘86” and “Spoon” belong to a lost 4AD record, conjuring images of surfing the Aurora Borealis in a Camaro, denim-jacket collars flipped way up. It’s shoegaze for moody skate punks. Featuring Wata’s most alluring croon, “Party Boy” is a minimal four-on-the-floor dance romper for glam-metal geeks with teased hair. And “Tokyo Wonder Land” is a song that could have only come from Boris; it’s got a head-bobbing lullaby groove on a Casio beat throttled by Wata’s ceiling-ripping guitar solos. Despite Boris’ wide sonic interests, everything comes together coherently on Attention Please, the band’s best record since Pink.

NPR Music Exclusive Preview: Le Butcherettes ” Sick Of You”

Click to Hear “Sick Of You” 

This week on All Songs Considered, we’ve got an exclusive premiere from a record whose origins date back five years, and whose inspirations go back decades more. Rome is a collaboration between producer Danger Mouse and film composer Daniele Luppi, whose shared love of classic Italian film music became the basis for an album that plays like a futuristic spaghetti western score. Much delayed since the two began work in 2006, Rome will finally see release on May 17 — and we’ll stream it as a First Listen the week before. Until then, you can hear “The Rose With a Broken Neck,” featuring vocals from Jack White, on this week’s show.

Also on the program, two more exclusive premieres: a soulful, down-tempo number from cellist and singer Ben Sollee and some raucous garage-punk from Mexico’s Le Butcherettes

Good Old War Live On NPR World Cafe - Dec 17th

December 17, 2010

Good Old War, of Langhorne, Penn., have been turning heads recently with its self-titled LP on Sargent House Records. Rising from the ashes of rock band Days Away, this folk-influenced indie outfit has been cultivating a reputation nationwide.

Good Old War’s name is a combination of parts from the band members’ last names: Keith Goodwin, Tim Arnold and Daniel Schwartz. The trio prides itself on its harmonic arrangements, alternately 1960s doo-wop and whimsical folk, but with an indie-rock aesthetic.

If you Missed it HEAR IT ONLINE HERE 

Set List:
1. That’s Some Dream
2. Coney Island
3. My Own Sinking Ship
4. Window
5. I Should Go
6. Loud Love 

(Source: NPR)