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Exclaim CA! Tera Melos In Studio “Kelley”

"When we heard Sacramento, California psychedelic genre destroyers, Tera Melos, were in town we invited them to stop by and play a couple songs. The dimly lit Theatre of Human Health was the perfect environment for the guys to perform “Kelley” off their Exclaim! approved album, Patagonian Rats, with their freaky life-size Freddy hanging in the background.Keep an eye out for an interview with Tera Melos, coming soon to Exclaim! TV.”

The Needle Drop Reviews: Tera Melos’ “So Occult/Kelly” Video

When combined, the two opening tracks on Tera Melos’ 2010 album Patagonian Rats make for one of the more pop-sensible and instantly likable moments in their discography. In this video, the stage-setting “So Occult” serves as the soundtrack for the introduction, which features a masked skateboarder bearing an upside-down cross on his shirt. Soon after he falls, the intro ends and “Kelly” begins, and things only get weirder from there.

Tera Melos’ sound on “Kelly” is so expansive and anthemic that it manages to make a masked dude in a robe smashing soda cans with a baseball bat seem incredibly meaningful and important. They probably could have put whatever they wanted in this video and it would still look awesome. - The Needle Drop

Patagonian Rats is out now on Sargent House. Download it on the band’s bandcamp page for $5.

Tera Melos Live: Kelly, Skywatch, Aped

Tera Melos performing the songs Kelly, Skywatch & Aped from the album Patagonian Rats. We’ve got this whole live show recorded and will be releasing them a song at a time. It was filmed while on their most recent tour with Marnie Stern at the Backbooth in Orlando, Florida on Feb 27, 2011. Thanks to Erick R. Wilczynski and his gang for shooting it and cutting it for us.