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Guitar World Video: Good Old War’s Dan Schwartz Tackles Metallica, Pantera Riffs on Banjo

These videos were just sent our way, and were too cool not to post. This is Good Old War guitarist Dan Schwartz breaking in a new banjo with “Master of Puppets” and “Cowboys From Hell.” Enjoy!

Good Old War's latest album, Come Back As Rain, is out now on Sargent House Records.

"For this record we all sat down and took a hard look at everything in the song being proposed," drummer Tim Arnold recently told Under the Gun.” Every line was a discussion, every chord change, feel, tempo, key. Everything was examined and taken apart and put back together. In the past it was more Keith or Dan coming to the table with a song and all of us being like, ‘Great! Let’s lay it down!.’ We had our best pal Jason Cupp produce the whole thing as well which changed it up a bit.”

Stay tuned for the Guitar World interview with Dan Schwartz in the near future!

Guitar World Names Wata from Boris in Top 10 Female Guitarists To know

boris-4 620.jpgWata from Boris
"Tight, skilled and never a dull moment, Japanese trio Boris are known for combining metal, noise, psychedelic rock, ambient and pop to create their own unique take. Launched in 1996, the band has recorded 17 studio albums. Drummer-vocalist Atsuo, bassist-guitarist-vocalist Takeshi and guitarist-vocalist Wata rely on instinct and raw emotion to guide their creative path. Check out the slinky, cranky solo by Wata on “Statement.” So stoic and yet so badass!”

Guitar World Names Its Top 50 Albums of 2011 Russian Circles’ Empros Makes the List

29. Russian Circles - Empros
Released: October 25, 2011 (Sargent House)

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Guitar World Interview with Mike Sullivan of Russian Circles - Track By Track “Empros”

"Once it gets too fancy, I started losing the groove," says guitarist Mike Sullivan of Russian Circles' deceptively dense music.

Indeed the Chicago-based post-rock band are capable of creating intricately layered pieces of music, often from simple, intertwining melodies that when combined are capable of creating harsh soundscapes, vast acoustic caverns and everything in between.

On their latest album, Empros, Russian Circles tend to pay more attention to those extremes than the stuff in the middle. You might swear Johnny Greenwood was behind the ambient folk of “Schiphol,” while “309” wouldn’t sound out of place on an early Celtic Frost record. And dynamics aside, Empros also features a major first for the band: Their first track with vocals, album closer “Praise Be Man.”

I recently caught up with Russian Circles guitarist Mike Sullivan, who acted as a guide through the musical journey that is Empros.

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Russian Circles Drop New Album News to Guitar World

Post-metal band Russian Circles have recently entered the studio to record what will be their fourth full-length studio album.

Speaking recently with, Russian Circles guitarist Mike Sullivan revealed that the Chicago three-piece were in the studio working on the follow-up to 2009’s Geneva. The album is set for an October release through Sargent House.

When asked if fans could expect any surprises from the new album, Sullivan had this to say: “I don’t want to get too into it, but there are definitely things that are new to us, that we didn’t really put thought into but just started happening in the writing process.”

"We were more adventurous with our tones," he added. "It’s a broader spectrum of tones."