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Daughters announce SHOW - Pigs are now flying and hell has frozen over!!!

OMG! Daughters will be playing a show, together! on September 13th

ALARM: Guest Spot w/ Nick from Fang Island on the Teenar

Fang Island, with its three-guitar attack and lightning-fast riffs, knows a few things about shredding. Logic dictates that it also knows a fair amount about guitars. For guitarist Nicholas Sadler, there’s one axe in particular that stands out: a weirdly human girl-guitar of mysterious origins. In this piece penned for ALARM, Sadler laments the fact that he didn’t conceive of the musical mannequin first and goes on to explain what exactly makes Teenar so magical.

I Wish I Had Thought of This First: Teenar, Girl Guitar
By Nick Andrew Sadler

My name is Nick Sadler, and though I hate guitar players, I love guitars. This one is a work of mad genius. Here is Teenar, my dream guitar, at what could be a middle-school, father-daughter dance with her pervert-savant creator / daddy,  “Sunset” Lou Reimuller. I am absolutely enamored with Teenar, and I really wish that I had thought of this first.

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Bands I Miss: These Arms Are Snakes & Daughters

SXSW will be awesome this year. But two bands that will never be present there again and who bring back such fond memories to me about seeing truly great live music are These Arms Are Snakes above and Daughters below. I miss those fuckers so much.

SH & RLP Vinyl & CD Sale! September Only

Rodriguez Lopez Productions and Sargent House presents the Pick any 4 Vinyl for only $40 and or 4 CDs for only $20 includes some great new and old titles. This will only be through September and while supplies last. Support our album / vinyl making habit. It does the karma good.

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El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Cryptomnesia
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Solar Gambling
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Xenophanes
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group - Los Suenos De Un Higado
Russian Circles - Station
Red Sparowes - Aphorisms
Red Fang - Red Fang
Good Old War - Only Way To Be Alone
Bygones - By-
Fang Island - Fang Island

El Grupo Nuevo De Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Cryptomnesia
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Xenophanes
Bygones - By-
Zechs Marquise - Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare
Cast Spells - Bright Works And Baton
Native - Wrestling Moves
RX Bandits - Mandala
RX Bandits - And The Battle Begun
Lisa Papineau - Red Trees
Love You Moon - Waxwane
Maps & Atlases - You And Me And The Mountain
Days Away - Earcandy For the Headphone Trippers
Daughters - Live From CBGBS
Tera Melos - Drugs/Complex
Tera Melos - Untitled

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Nick Sadler Does It Again - Daughters Pitchfork Review

Well even if Lex wants to shit on the new Daughters album which is 100 times better than anything they have done before and then complain about Nick Sadler for writing such a “bad” album, but then go take his writer credit off the album once everyone says it’s really good. Well fuck it. Pitchfork gives the new album an 8.2 and at least they acknowledge Nick’s role. Bummed at Lex and hope one day all the boys will reunite in this line up and perform this bad ass album. I miss those Daughters.

"This isn’t technically Daughters’ final album, but after recording, half the band quit, and whatever the remaining members (vocalist Alexis Marshall and drummer Jonathan Syverson) come up with in the future probably won’t sound much like this. In a February 2010 interview with, Marshall all but says so while discussing the new album: “[Former guitarist] Nick [Sadler] wrote a lot of the stuff on there, and he was really looking to make it accessible, and see how it fared… There are definitely parts of the record that were written to see how people will respond, which is kind of disappointing.” If Sadler’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably from the decidedly non-Daughters-like charms of his other group, Fang Island. While he’s not officially credited as a songwriter— the songs on Daughters are attributed to the entire group— Sadler is listed as a co-producer, which might explain the album’s relatively less abrasive sound.” - CLICK TO READ PITCHFORK REVIEW - 8.2

Daughters S/T Out On March 9th

Daughters amazing, and I’m really serious this album is killer is coming out on March 9th, on Hydra Head. Get Ready Folks.

Daughters / Self Titled

1. The Virgin
2. The First Supper
3. The Hit
4. The Theatre Goer
5. Our Queens (One Is Many, Many Are One)
6. The Dead Singer
7. Sweet Georgia Brom
8. The Unattractive, Portable Head