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BOXX Magazine live review: Emma Ruth Rundle - Chicago Show



An Emma Ruth Rundle show tests the boundaries of silence. You stand motionless because you want to soak in every delicate splinter of guitar and, through the muddled grays of her echoey voice, miraculously piece together fragments of words. But that feeling of needing to remain still, keeping an unwavering focus on her black frame goes beyond a choice. It’s a magnetic force, and you can’t break hold.

Some Heavy Ocean, released May 20 on Sargent House, is L.A.-based Rundle’s breakaway project. She’s gathered years of noisy playtime with Marriages, Red Sparowes and The Nocturnes, proving herself as a fearlessly talented guitarist. This year’s solo album captures this talent in a whole new vein but also sheds light on her ethereal vocal qualities that span from gentle ripples to thunderous cliff side waves in a matter of seconds. Each song, even more pronounced in a live setting, takes a surprising turn and Rundle delivered them poker faced on stage. Her gaze remained downwardly transfixed during almost the entire set at Wicker Park’s intimate upstairs venue Subterranean, making only the most sporadic eye contact with the audience before her. It began and ended without frills and devoid of banter. Rundle was all business, but it felt right.

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Boxx Magazine Live Review: Helms Alee

It’s the contrasts of brute force delivered with a perfectionist’s precision that defines the heavy metal genre at its best. And one of the new headbanging bests just may be Helms Alee. The trio, formed in 2007 and one of Sargent House Records’ hidden gems, is loudly demanding to be noticed, especially touring with headliner Young Widows. On this tour date at Chicago’s Subterranean, it wasn’t clear who the audience was more energized to see.

While tuning before the show, front man Ben Verellen asked the sound man for an adjustment on his microphone.

“I want it to sound like a cave—like a cave in outer space.” Chuckling to themselves, the crowd seemed excited at the idea, and those unfamiliar with Helms Alee were giddy to see just what Verellen meant by that.

The sound man nailed it, and soon so did Helms Alee with a focused and exceptional set that showed their unique brand of metal that manages to be spacey and odd, all the while excelling in the aggression department that metal fans hold so dear. Their style may be so captivating because each member of the band brings something completely different to the final product from instrumentation to shared vocal duties. While Helms Alee is obviously greater than the sum of its parts, each of those parts deserves to be examined in detail because they are all equally incredible.

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Chicago’s own Russian Circles get their own Burger, Beer and Interview with Redeye



"309" by Russian Circles an Interview By Andy Downing

Instru-metal trio Russian Circles long has been a heavyweight presence in the local scene, releasing five albums, including last year’s monstrous “Memorial,” over the course of its decade together. Now that the band has both a burger and a beer to its name, though, it’s safe to say the guys have really made it.

Just this month the crew landed a burger on the menu at hard-rock haven Kuma’s Corner — a grilled patty topped with braised venison, fried beets and more — and DryHop Brewers released a Russian Imperial Stout named for Russian Circles’ 2006 song “Death Rides a Horse.”

It’s certainly not the group’s first brush with fame, however. Band members Mike Sullivan and Dave Turncrantz actually graced the RedEye cover just last year. For an article about an outdoor hockey league.

"There was no mention of the band whatsoever," said guitarist and Logan Square resident Sullivan, by phone. "It was just a picture of us two longhairs playing hockey outside and some [headline] like ‘Hockey’s back!’"

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Sargent House Takes Over Made Of Chalk this Month with 9 Live Video Premieres


Sargent House has taken over Made Of Chalk all this month with 9 live video premieres featuring three from each of our bands including Tera Melos, TTNG and Native. Here are the first three videos one from each.  All shot live in Chicago. Big thanks to Made of Chalk for making these.

Brooklyn Vegan: Russian Circles, Chelsea Wolfe & Marriages Photo Recap - Chicago

On Thursday night (8/23) Russian Circles brought their Sargent House tour de force with Chelsea Wolfe and Marriages through Chicago for a performance at Lincoln Hall.

The venue was packed by the time openers and Red Sparowes-related project Marriages polished off a pair of songs. They sounded great and performed cuts from their debut EP, Kitsune, which hit stores in May via the label. If you haven’t taken a listen to the album yet, check it out via their bandcamp.

Chelsea Wolfe was up next and delivered an impressive performance, her first-ever in Chicago. Despite Thursday night being her Chicago debut, the crowd seemed to know every single word and didn’t hold back in singing along. She performed much of her excellent 2011 LP, Apokalypsis, and also played a few from her 2010 debut, The Grime & The Glow.

Russian Circles closed out the night with a mix of songs from their four albums. There were mosh pits throughout their headlining performance, which, if you’ve ever been to Lincoln Hall, is a funny thing. Nonetheless, the crowd was into it and the show was a nice mix of metal-tinged music— Russian Circles in the post rock corner, Chelsea Wolfe representing goth, and Marriages championing atmospheric rock— of all types.

SEE ALL the pictures from the 8/23 Lincoln Hall show HERE photos by Zach Pollack

Fang Island’s AudioTree Live Session Video

Fang Island stopped by to see our pals Audiotree while in Chicago to chat and play some great tunes from their new album Major and some from their last Self Titled album. Check it out. It’s a beauty.

Tracklisting for the Session:
The Illinois
Seek it out
Life Coach
Dooney Rock
Welcome Wagon

Fang Island Stop by Chic-A-Go-Go for A Song

Fang Island stopped by to hang out with Ratso and the gang and play a song while in Chicago at Chic-A-Go-Go. 

Gypsyblood playing in Chicago’s Wicker Part at the Annual Do Division Festival on 6/3/2012 photos by Sarah Frankie Linder courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan - Click to see all photos HERE

Le Butcherettes Take Chicago June 1st & 2nd

Le Butcherettes
, O’Death & Murder by Death are first bands to be announced to play this years Do Division Street Festival which is set to take place from June 1-3 in Wicker Park. Le Butcherettes will be playing on June 2nd and will also play their own show at Subterranean on June 1.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more lineup additions.


Sound Fuse: Live Review Russian Circles - Lincoln Hall - Chicago

Russian Circles at Lincoln Hall (Chicago, IL) on 12.3.11-13.jpg

Russian Circles are a band that I’ve been wanting to write about for a long time. In fact, they are one of the last shows I saw in 2009 before I started Chicago Jam Scene. Their show at Bottom Lounge was one of the last shows about which I said, “This is awesome. I should write about this,” and just started doing it. This band has consistently been in my rotation since I discovered them around 2006 because they are such a versatile band for a number of situations. While their melodic, instrumental style makes a great soundtrack for studying (or other cerebral activities), their heavy & aggressive sound is the perfect way to get fired up while bike riding (or any other physically demanding task). This is quite the odd combination but Russian Circles is far from an ordinary band.

Russian Circles at Lincoln Hall (Chicago, IL) on 12.3.11-9.jpg

Lincoln Hall was crush-packed as the members of the band were setting up their instruments following an opening act. I managed to squeeze my way to the front somehow, ending up right in front of the speakers. This would have been a whole lot cooler had I not somehow lost my earplugs on my way to the show. But I was there, dammit, I was gonna get some photos and stand there as long as I could handle it. What’s a little more hearing damage at this point? A small bit of photography room opened up at the stage, which I immediately seized, as they started a long & measured build up to the opening song from their debut album Enter: “Carpe.” Enter is still my favorite album and the one I’ve listened to the most. So it really struck me how much more frantic the drumming of Dave Turncrantz was in the live setting. It might not have technically been much different but it sure felt different. Since they just released a new album, Empros, they could have easily hit us over the head with that material, so it was gratifying that they came out of the gate with a song from their oldest release.

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WBEZ Jim DeRogatis’ - My 40 favorite albums of 2011 #1 Le Butcherettes

1. Le Butcherettes, Sin Sin Sin (Rodriguez Lopez Productions)

Smart, fierce, ferociously funny, and tremendously sexy, Mexico’s Teri Gender Bender, a.k.a. Teri Suarez, celebrates love, lust, and social justice while raging against gender inequality and every other tool that the powers that be would use to keep us down, in the process providing absolutely the most necessary, vital, and timely sounds of 2011.

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Le Butcherettes Storm Chicago / Live Review & Pictures

Le Butcherettes inspired some rave reviews from people who saw them play at SXSW and Lollapalooza this year, and it’s easy to see why. The band, led and completely dominated by bloody-apron-wearing and stage-diving singer-keyboardist-guitarist Teri Gender Bender (aka Teri Suarez), plays with almost alarming intensity. Friday night at Subterranean in Chicago, Teri Gender Bender and her cohorts were in good form, playing songs that sounded at times like Rid of Me-era PJ Harvey and plunging into the crowd. Unlike the Lolla set, there was no vomiting.

Photos by Robert Loerzel - Click to see more

Brooklyn Vegan Goes to Chicago: Boris, Tera Melos at The Metro

Boris, Tera Melos, & Coliseum @ Metro 

Tera Melos is a unique blend of math rock, slacker indie pop, grunge, punk, and noise. At one minute they’ll be playing a fairly poppy song, maybe with a few strange chords, and suddenly it breaks down into chaos. During these sections, Nick Reinhart randomly tapped frets on his guitar, staring at his jerkily moving fingers as if the instrument had possessed them. It was reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age's psychedelic freak-outs on their first two albums. When they got heavy it was abrasive with loose rhythm and tone. John Clardy's jazzy punk drumming was aggressive with many intentionally arrhythmic moments. Their new honorary member joined them on stage, a Freddy Krueger costume that was suspended next to Reinhart.

A very intoxicated man ranted to me about how seeing Boris is as awesome as our parents going to Steely Dan or Led Zeppelin, which I found funny at first but it actually made some sense after a couple songs. Boris gave off a rock star aura as they walked on stage, enhanced by the volume and enthusiasm of the audience’s cheers. Atsuo wore a headset mic, playing drums made of clear acrylic in the tradition of John Bonham, raised high on the stage to compete with the height of the towering full stack guitar amps and cabinets. Takeshi had a double-necked guitar that was split between a bass and a standard guitar, which I heard someone refer to as a “Swiss Army-tar.” They covered a ridiculously wide range of rock sub-genres, including stoner metal, indie rock, hair metal, classic rock, and pop punk while maintaining an overall ambient and sludgy tone.

Head here to view all the pictures from all three bands and Boris’ setlist.

Gypsyblood Live / AudioTree

Thanks to Audiotree Live in Chicago for having Gypsyblood in for a great live session playing songs from their album Cold In The Guestway and hear their answers to some interesting questions. Click the picture to listen to the session and interview. 

May We Introduce You To Gypsyblood? FREE Album DL

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In 2006, I was introduced to a band by Dave Davison of Maps & Atlases out of Chicago called Karma with A K. I fell deeply and madly in love with them. They never even got around to releasing an album before they disbanded.  I was so sad when I heard they called it quits without ever having really left Chicago. But I kept dibs on the boys of the Karma unit for years waiting. Then one day Dave Davison emailed me two demos of songs that blew my mind and he said “Remember Karma with A K ? Well this is Adam and Kyle’s new band GYPSYBLOOD. The rest is history. I signed the bloods and this my friends is that story.

So, May we Introduce you to GYPSYBLOOD? All this week their album Cold In The Guestway is FREE for download HERE. They have mellowed, my Karma boys but oh what sweet tunes they make. So, what have you got to lose? Get turned on, I know I did. And if you love our “May We Introduce You” Free downloads thing make sure and help us spread the music!