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imageimageWhat happens when an ambitious woman gets frustrated with the “old boys club” in the music management industry? She starts her own company, creates a badass roster of undeniable musicians, and earns herself a spot at the round table.

That, at least, is what ambitious woman Cathy Pellow did—and with resounding success.

As a band manager, Pellow realized she’d had enough of trying to work with male-centered, bureaucratic label companies to get her artists represented. So she changed the game by founding Sargent House. The company serves as a two-in-one band manager and label for hand-picked musicians, promoting their work while giving them artistic freedom.

I’ve been following Sargent House since 2010, and am always impressed by the quality of music the label consistently produces. Sargent House fights the good fight for talented artists and the consumers who love them, and I personally could not be more thankful for it.

Pellow chatted with Ravishly about how she can tell if a band is great, the problem with Nicki Minaj ass talk, and why it’s OK to love an underground band that makes it big.

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Bandwagon Singapore Feature: Sonic Sanctuaries - At Home with Sargent House



With Russian Circles coming for the third time to our side of the dirt, we couldn’t help but notice the very firm relationship our own KittyWu Records have with Sargent House, the record label responsible behind so many brilliant music outfits, including the post-metal trio as well. With a little help from KittyWu and Incursive productions, we’ve had the pleasure of having our face melted and minds shattered watching Deafheaven, And So I Watch You From Afar live this year, not to mention catching the mighty Russian Circles twice, back in 2010 and 2012. In all the aforementioned gigs, the Sargent House artists have unquestionably and consistently proven that they’re among the finest in their respective genres, and put up helluva outstanding live shows while at it too. 

So just how did Sargent House ascended to the echelons of worldwide prominence as one of the most successful independent labels around, representing all our favorite independent bands? The Sargent House origin story is an intriguing one, with one enterprising individual at the centre of it all: Cathy Pellow. Before a stint at Atlantic records as a freelance music video commissioner, she had formed her own music video production company Refused TV producing videos for the likes of Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Train and most notably Cee Lo Green’s “F*ck You” - and that’s where she formed relationships with the bands that would eventually make it into her label roster. 

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Now Spinning the podcast interview with Sargent House owner Cathy Pellow about why …

Cathy got asked a lot of questions about her history and how and why she started Sargent House . She answered them. Click above to stream the podcast interview with her on Now Spinning.

Sometimes even I do interviews…. thanks SoundFuse for asking the questions

As a huge fan of independent labels, I’ve been increasingly impressed by Sargent House over the past eight years or so. I first discovered the label through Russian Circles, a band I’ve been fairly obsessed with since their debut album in 2006. Since then, the music industry has undergone massive changes and flipped through a complete paradigm shift. Many, many labels have disappeared in the struggle to sell records in the streaming era, yet, Sargent House is stronger than ever with a massive roster of bands that are popular around the world. And as a huge fan of guitar-fueled music, that roster has blown my mind more times than I can count, it’s a seemingly endless stable of unorthodox rock music genius. Once you start digging into their Bandcamp page, you just can’t stop finding (and loving) other music you didn’t even know existed.

I recently got to speak to the person behind it all, Cathy Pellow, the creator, owner, creative director and social media machine driving Sargent House. We spoke at length on the phone, which gave me some great ideas for a feature article (coming soon), but it also spun off into an email interview in order to nail down some specific points from Pellow’s unique perspective on the music industry. Even if you’ve never heard of Sargent House or any of their bands, as long as you are interested in the music industry, there’s a lot to learn from this wildly successful music industry badass.

What was the biggest challenge in starting your own record label?

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SF Weekly Feature: Deafheaven


Six months ago, no one would’ve pegged San Francisco’s Deafheaven as a likely juggernaut on the national heavy-music scene. Though its 2011 debut Roads to Judah was powerful, Deafheaven’s blend of scabrous black metal and morose post-rock was definitely an acquired taste. It seemed like a band that, with some luck, might one day fill a small club like Hemlock Tavern.

But in 2013, all the right elements lined up. After a successful run opening for Japanese cult metal icons Boris, and playing in front of sold-out crowds in its biggest venues yet, Deafheaven released sophomore effort Sunbather. The album took a more layered approach than its predecessor, highlighting the band’s dense guitar work, and critics went crazy for it. Mere days after the record’s release in June, Deafheaven hit the road across the United States and sold out show after show, several of which were comparable in size to ones it’d shared with Boris. “I remember at one point looking at our itinerary and just seeing the whole Eastern seaboard filled with sold-out shows,” says vocalist George Clarke over a beer in the Mission. “I thought, ‘It’s happening. This is what we’ve been working for all this time.’”

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Cathy of Sargent House spins records and talks about all the SH bands with Mike Watt



I got to hang out with my favorite Bass man, the legendary Mike Watt yesterday on his Watt From Pedro radio show. We played a ton of Sargent House bands and talked about them all along with Brother Matt at the Love Grotto. You can Download the whole podcast or just stream it HERE


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Flab Magazine: Podcast Interview with Sargent House’s Cathy Pellow



This week’s guest is the irrepressible Cathy Pellow, founder and leader of Sargent House in Echo Park, California. I’ve been curious about her for a while. Like many others, my understanding of her was essentially derived from Facebook posts and Tweets – some of them quite hilarious, others misleadingly terse.  I am very aware that a Tweet is not the best way to judge a person’s character or even their current state of mind/status.  It’s all too meta and more than a little curated or in some cases, not very curated at all, which has been the appeal of watching Cathy’s Twitter feed.  However, recent debates about women in charge of companies, how they should or shouldn’t behave in business, had me wondering, “What would Cathy do?”

We talk about her business strategy (take no shit off no one!) and she opened up about her background and the drive that determined who she is today, why she does what she does and the reasons behind her apparent love of “instrumental music.”

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Cock & Bull TV: Audio Interview with Cathy About The Sargent House Philosophy and Everything Music

This podcast was meant to be about interviewing musicians, but 4 episodes in and we’ve already veered off course! But we feel it’s with good reason, Cathy is the driving force behind one of our favourite labels Sargent House. We thought it would be interesting to talk with Cathy about the music that shaped her personal tastes and inspired her to start her own label…. and of course listen to some of her awesome bands.  Interviewed in Dublin, Ireland by Donnacha Coffey.

"This interview really does answer so many of the questions people ask me about everyday. I think it’s my favorite explanation / representation of how and why we do things differently over here at Sargent House. Other than me calling Roger Waters,  Roger Daltrey this is my favorite interview I’ve ever done. " - Cathy Pellow

Music Played Throughout this Podcast

1. Tera Melos - Aped
2. Russian Circles - Malko
3. Fleetwood Mac – Landslide
4. Fugazi – Smallpox Champion
5. These Arms Are Snakes - Mescaline Eyes
6. Good Old War - Not Quite Happiness
7. Adebisi Shank – Masa
8. Fang Island – Life Coach
9. Marriages - Ride In My Place

Alarm Magazine Feature Interview: Inside Sargent House

To Get this issue of ALARM Magazine

Alarm Magazine: Omar Rodriguez Lopez Cover Story

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When has a Record Label changed your life? (A note about Sargent House and Cathy Pellow)

Wow, Kenny Remster your blog made my day. Much love to you.

I suppose it began in 2003, this was the year RX Bandits’ The Resignation was released, though at the time, I had only heard bits and pieces of their music. Coincidentally, this was about the same time I started drumming. A year later, the ground-work of my drumming had been laid, with a few months worth of lessons and playing along to basic things. One day my brother’s friend lent me The Resignation, and my eyes were opened, not just to the drumming of Chris Tsagakis, but to a whole new world of inspiration, passion and musicianship. Matthew Embree’s words burned in my heart and their melodies flowed into my soul. 

 In 2006, Sargent House released RX Bandits’ …And The Battle Begun. After a long struggle with their old label, infamous for robbing artists not only of money, but for the rights to their own masters, even years later. Cathy Pellow, the head of Sargent House, was a production company owner, turned Manager, turned Management Company-Label. After seeing so many bands get taken advantage of, so many artists who’s work got stolen or ruined, she decided to use her resources and connections to do something about it. With the re-birth of RX’s Career and a rapidly building roster of serious musicians, Cathy began building a powerhouse of talent all under the Sargent House roof. Sargent House began being known around the community, not just for its ‘Music First, Bands First’ attitude, but for the amazing shows and music its’ bands were putting out. 

In 2011, RX Bandits sold out 3 Nights at The Gramercy Theatre in NYC one of each of their albums, front to back each night, The Resignation, …And The Battle Begun, and Mandala. I was set to attend the second, my favorite band, playing my favorite album of all time, in its entirety. To this day, and most likely forever, that was the best show I have ever seen a band play, hands down. They were on top of their game like I have never seen, a full album worth of heart pounding hits with a half hour encore. What could have possibly topped that? 

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Blare Magazine: The Good Old War Interview

One of the most powerful features of music is being able to relate to an artist’s work and feel connected to the musician themselves. With honesty being their most dominant attribute, indie folk group GOOD OLD WAR have penned songs that have been so brutally sincere, it’s been difficult for fans and new listeners to shake off the acoustic bliss embedded in the trio’s first two releases and past projects. While camped out in Omaha, Nebraska, during the middle of their current tour, we caught up with vocalist Keith Goodwin via phone to discuss the band’s third album, what it’s like to be a part of the Sargent House family and their unique approach to songwriting.

There’s a short documentary online of you guys in the studio recording Come Back As Rain and, in it, Dan says a great deal of the songs were recorded live.
Did your surroundings influence what you were recording?

Yeah, when you’re in a good place with good vibes and no distractions I feel like you get good takes. The studio has great equipment, so the sound of the record I think is better than anything we’ve done so far. There are only two tracks that we did fully live. For the rest of them we did all the music live and then the vocals after that. But it was still cool. The way the room was set up, everybody could see each other and we could communicate while we were playing and that was cool. “Loud Love” was one of the songs recorded all live, and the other was a bonus track. There has been about three different names for this song so far, but I think it’s called “Take it Slow” now.

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Vancouver’s Straight Feature:Good Old War looks on the upside of being down

It’s a buoyant-sounding tune, carried along by three-part vocal harmonies afloat above a warm and inviting arrangement of ringing guitars and softly driving drums. By the time your toes are tapping, you might not notice the dark shading of the lyrics: the apocalyptically titled “Present for the End of the World” opens with the line “Pain, pain is in everything.”

Like many of the other tracks that Philadelphia folk-pop trio Good Old War included on its sophomore LP, Come Back as Rain, “Present for the End of the World” is a love song. Well, sort of. It walks that fine line between wanting out and wanting back in again, between splitting up and staying together. That dichotomy is summed up neatly in “Amazing Eyes” when lead vocalist Keith Goodwin sings, “You have amazing eyes/The right one’s suspicious and the left one wants my love.”

Reached on his cellphone during a day off in Nashville, Goodwin (who also plays guitar and keys) says, “It’s crazy how you can love somebody so much and still have those moments where you’re just like, ‘Oh, I wanna kill you,’ you know? That kind of thing. You get on each other a little bit. That happens, but it’s like, ‘There is something working, so let’s just go with that.’ ”

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Chelsea Wolfe joins the Sargent House Family

It is with great pleasure and joy to announce that Chelsea Wolfe is now being managed by Cathy Pellow via Sargent House. She is an extraordinary talent and we are so happy to have her and her band join our family. She will be playing the Sargent House / 1656 Music official SXSW Showcase on March 16th at Bat Bar. She will also be playing at Amoeba in Los Angeles on March 5th and at the Eagle Rock Art Center with Ceremony & Nails on March 8th before heading to Austin then off to Europe in April for a headlining tour so don’t miss her - she’s unreal!


Get to know her on facebook , Twitter , Chelsea Wolfe Site

FREE Contract Advice. No More Signing Deals that Get Your Band Screwed

I am setting up a FREE advice email for any bands out there that have been sent a written contract to sign by a label, booking agent, marketing firm, label scout, manager - whatever. I’m begging all bands to NEVER just sign without first getting some real advice and understanding of what it is you are agreeing too. I started Sargent House as a manager and in that time I have seen some of the most heartbreaking situations of bands who just went and signed the most crooked deals and had to sit helplessly with them asking for me to get them out of what I couldn’t because they had signed.  I just can’t stand by and watch anymore. I’m NOT a lawyer nor will I offer any Legal advice but I will use my experience and knowledge with contracts to help you understand what is being asked of you in the contract. Too many times the reason bands don’t get outside advice has been for lack of funds to get a professional lawyer to advise them before signing and so I’m offering this FREE. Take it or leave it, you don’t have to listen to me but at least you can be more prepared to know what you are getting yourself into and with who. 

I am also happy to recommend good attorneys for deals that really are legit. Remember this is your LIFE, and being “signed” means nothing if it is with a place or person or company that now owns all your creative output for now and the future because you signed on the dotted line. 

The devil comes in all shapes, sizes and colors… if it sounds to good to be true. It is.

This is only for real inquiries if you use this email to contact us about ANYTHING other than to send a written contract you have already received it will be deleted. This ain’t Love Line or 20 Questions.

If you would like this advice then email us on
attach the contract and give us a number to reach you on.

LAWYERS & MANAGERS if you are also willing to help protect bands and are willing to donate some of your time as well, please email us and let us know. 

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