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Hella has rad video making fans - Mark Ludgate makes a Winner

a video for the band HELLA. the name says it all. it’s a mixture of animations I drew by hand and with software, put to the gut busting song ON THE RECORD

check out TRIPPER, as it’s a seriously powerful romp of an album - maximum pleasure! TRIPPER and more HELLA HERE

This video rules, thanks so much to Mark Ludgate for making it and letting us share it with everyone. 

Rock A Rolla Review: Hella’s “Tripper”

Hella - Tripper review in Issue #34 of Rock-A-Rolla Magazine.


In honor of our love of all things Zach Hill we thought it appropriate to share his bounty. So we made a Vinyl and CD deal so you can have all three of the releases Sargent House has put out of his for a mighty fine price!  All this month we will have the Zach Hill Ultimate bundles in Effect!

Hella - Tripper
( The New Album from Hella! Zach Hill & Spencer Seim)
Zach Hill - Face Tat (Why Haven’t you Already Got this!)
Bygones - by - (Zach Hill and Nick Reinhart join forces, the outcome = sweet)

and you can add a Zach Hill or Hella T-Shirt to the pile as well. Nice.

Rolling Stone : Hella “Self Checkout” DL

Click here to listen to Hella’s “Self Checkout”

"Self Checkout" was the first song Hella wrote and recorded for their fifth record,Tripper, says drummer Zach Hill: ”Technically, it was the first song we’d written together in three years, so in many ways I feel like it created the path for the material that followed.” If the fast-paced instrumental is any indication of what’s to come, it’s sure to be a chaotic good time. 

Tripper is available in stores now, but you can download “Self Checkout” here

Alarm Magazine: This Weeks Best Albums - HELLA

One of our absolutely favorite publications is Alarm Magazine, so seeing them name Hella’s Tripper as their pick in their This Week’s Best Albums makes us happy. Thank you! 

Hella Tripper Released Today! Getting Hella Great Reviews

Make sure to pick up a copy of Hella’s great new album Tripper in either Vinyl (w/download card) or CD! Also available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and of course directly from the band on Bandcamp in any file size. 

Check out some reviews by clicking on the logos below, word on the street so far has been great!

Sound Colour Vibration Interview: Spencer Seim of Hella

Sound Colour Vibration interviews Spencer Seim of Hella

Conducted by Erik Otis
All photos from Spencer Seim
Spring of 2011

Hella is a two-piece band that started out about a decade ago in Northern California. The two leaders (and members) of the group are drummer Zach Hill and guitarist Spencer Seim. Over the many obstacles and mutations that Hella has had, they have always achieved a heavy amount of power and spirituality. There is a time when a band rebirths a certain nostalgia to take precedence for their fellow fans and music lovers. Now is that time, and Hella is that band. – Pouya G. Asadi

SCV: Hella is a band of yours that has been around for over a decade and has seen an expansion in line up for the past few years. Zach and yourself decided to bring the band back to its roots with the two piece line up. On the new track you guys released called Headless, there is the same interaction that makes you guys so unique in my opinion. Did you guys record the album in a short window or did this project take awhile?

Spencer: Ha, well… both I guess. We wrote, recorded, and mixed Tripper in only 16 studio days but we did it in short 2 or 3 day sessions spaced a couple of months apart each.

SCV: The new Hella album coming out this year called Tripper is scheduled for a release in late August, are you really excited with the stripped down 2 piece format the group has again?

Spencer: This is my favorite Hella record. I think Zach and I played really well together on it and I like the new approach that we used. Each song was recorded the same day we wrote it. All the music was captured at its freshest point.

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NPR Song of the Day : Hella “Headless”

Hella: Scribbling Outside The Lines

Hella’s Zach Hill and Spencer Seim don’t just color outside the lines of rock ‘n’ roll — they scrawl all over the page, across the tabletop and into the next room. Depending on your perspective, the result is either a dazzlingly unruly abstraction or an unholy mess.

The Sacramento instrumental duo has basically one setting, and it’s full-speed-ahead sensory overload. Hill’s polyrhythmic drum assault and Seim’s jittery, Beefheart-by-way-of-Bad Brains guitar parts volley and tangle frenetically, battling to occupy every square inch of sonic real estate. Needless to say, it’s not easy listening, but with a little patience, unsnarling the duo’s dueling lines can yield exhilarating rewards.

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Pitchfork Forkcast: Hella - “Yubacore”

After a four-year hiatus, Sacramento art-punk duo Hella are preparing to release Tripper, a new full-length due August 30 on Sargent House. check out the concussive, corkscrewing turns of “Yubacore”.


Hella Tripper - Pre Orders

Hella Tripper Vinyl or CD or Special Bundles are now up and available for Pre-Order. 275 Limited 11x17 Album art posters to the first orders of bundle packages.
Orders will ship before release date. You can also order the new Hella Tripper shirt individually. 

COS Features Hella’s Headless / Fan Video

With a title like “Headless,” you’d think the official fan-made Hella video would be a little creepy. If so, you’d be right. Director Bootleg Jedi has a simple concept: film an inflatable man. But the frantic speed of the action makes it look far more disturbing than it should be. Rather than seeing the jacket slowly inflate due to an attached pump, it looks like something strange and alien is happening to the man. Throw in some quick, shaky cuts to other inflatable things like a parade floats and you’ve got a freaky video out of something that’s a little offbeat.

“Headless” is off Hella’s debut album, Tripper, due out August 30th through Sargent House.

Hella Tripper - Out on Sargent House - August 30, 2011

Hella’s new album Tripper, will be issued August 30 on Sargent House
Earlier we released “Hella - Track 1,” at the time it was not yet titled, now it’s called “Headless”. You can download the track here

And after inviting fans to create their own visuals for that song here is one of our favorites posted below the tracklisting  


1. “Headless”
2. “Self Checkout”
3. “Long Hair”
4. “Yubacore”
5. “Netgear”
6. “Kid Life Crisis”
7. “On The Record”
8. “Furthest”
9. “Psycho Bro”
10. “Osaka”