Emma Ruth Rundle new track premiere “Run Forever”

When I saw Emma Ruth Rundle perform with one of her main bands, Marriages (she also plays in Red Sparowes), in Boston last July, her group was the hypnotic and gripping opening act for Deafheaven. Now the LA-based singer/guitarist has taken a short break to release Some Heavy Ocean, her debut solo album, from which we heard something very personal and intimate in the form of debut single “Arms I Know So Well.” Now Rundle has released another Some Heavy Ocean track, “Run Forever,” which only reinforces the feelings set into motion by its predecessor. Here Rundle manages to wring a novel’s worth of naked emotion from her guitar and voice, which shifts from whispery lows to pained peaks with lightness of a feather.

Some Heavy Ocean is out 5/20 via Sargent House. Itunes Pre-order here. CD or Vinyl Pre-Order here.

BORIS “Noise” Pre-Orders now Live - Special 5 Bonus tracks w/ Vinyl Pre-Order

BORIS' new album Noise is now up for pre-order at their online store HERE. Also available are CD or Vinyl bundle that comes with “Noise” Album art shirt and 11x17 Album art poster. The Vinyl is a double LP available in Black or limited to 1k color Black/Marble and comes with Album download card. Special Bonus: ALL Vinyl pre-order customers will also be sent 5 Bonus Live tracks on or around June 17th via email. Bonus tracks will only be sent to pre-order customers.

Stream “Quicksilver” below and SEE ALL BORIS TOUR DATES HERE

BORIS premiere first new track from NOISE via Pitchfork and announce US & Canadian Tour Dates



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Pitchfork debuts new track from Helms Alee from their split 12” with Young Widows


Helms Alee debut the first new track, “Punchy Stabby” off  their 12” split with Young Widows which comes out officially on June 3rd on Sargent House. In May both bands will be touring together and will have the release early for sale at the shows. 



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Pre-Orders for Emma Ruth Rundle “Some Heavy Ocean” now live


Emma Ruth Rundle's new album “Some Heavy Ocean" is now up for pre-order at her new store:

It is Available on CD or 12” Transparent Light Blue Vinyl (includes digital download card) you can also get either format bundled with a 11x17 Poster (photo by Gregory Burns)

and 1 choice of either Black or White “Heavy Ocean” T-Shirts which are limited to just 250 total and will never be made again! 


Shirt Art by illustrator: J.A.W. Cooper -

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Pitchfork track premiere: Emma Ruth Rundle “Arms I Know So Well”


Emma Ruth Rundle debuts her first new track “Arms I Know So Well” on Pitchfork. Click HERE to stream

Mylets is in the studio recording right now. The new album will have live drums played by Andrew Clinco of Marriages and will also feature guest vocals and lyrics on the final track by Emma Ruth Rundle (also a member of Marriages)  you can follow @myletsband instagram for more photos of the process. The Album will come out on Sargent House at some point in 2014 to be announced.

AmazonMP3 Celebrates “March Is Metal” all this month - tons of our bands included


"March Is Metal" all this month at Amazon MP3 with great deals from $3.49 - $6.99 on a ton of great titles including a bunch of our bands and albums with titles from: Russian Circles, Boris, Indian Handcrafts, Deafheaven, Helms Alee & Red Fang

LINKS TO AMAZON DEALS for each band below
Russian Circles : Memorial or Empros each $5.99 
Boris : Heavy Rocks (2011) for $5.99 
Indian Handcrafts: Civil Disobedience for Losers for $4.99
Deafheaven: Sunbather for  $3.49
Helms Alee : Sleepwalking Sailors for $6.99 “Artist on the Rise” free download of their track Tumenescence
Red Fang : Red Fang for $5.99

The mighty trio, No Spill Blood are in a studio in Wicklow, Ireland right now  laying down filthy, dirty tracks. We can not wait! New album Coming out on Sargent House in late 2014.

For more news follow them at:
No Spill Blood Facebook
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No Spill Blood Twitter

They are also playing some shows SEE ALL NSB dates HERE

And below check out a brand new live video of them demoing a new track they will be putting on the album …

Marriages are now in the studio in Los Angeles recording their new album with Tom Biller for Sargent House and we could  not be more excited about this.

Stay up on all things Marriages - news will be flowing…..
Marriages Instagram
Marriages Facebook
Marriages Twitter

Chelsea Wolfe “Lone” the Film Pre-Order now live - Trailer I

Above is the first trailer for the long format film entitled “Lone” starring Chelsea Wolfe and directed by Mark Pellington.  Featuring music from Chelsea Wolfe’s Album Pain Is Beauty. You can also watch “Feral Love” below which is also an excerpt from the film.

Pre-Orders for the full length Film LONE on custom 4 gig USB Drives are now availableat:

Don’t miss Chelsea Wolfe on Tour - SEE ALL DATES AND DETAILS HERE

Steel For Brains Interview with Helms Alee’s Ben Verellen


Let it never be said that Helms Alee are simply a metal band.  The Seattle trio play a goddamn infectious blend of hook-laden rock ‘n roll that’s as much punk and pop as it is heavy metal.  Their most recent offering, the sublime Sleepwalking Sailors finds them channeling their myriad of influences into a singular sound, resulting in their finest album yet.  It comes as no surprise that guitarist/vocalist Ben Verellen (Harkonen/Roy) doesn’t take himself or the hype too seriously as that’s arguably the characteristic and attitude that’s given Helms Alee the recognition and acclaim they deserve.  For these three, It’s about doing what they love, and Helms Alee do it well and loud.  SfB reached out to Verellen to talk about the new record, why he’s thankfully not a part of any scene, and the possibility of a Harkonen and Roy reunion.

What was the thought process for you guys going into making Sleepwalking Sailors?  Did anything change just in the way of creative approach for the band?

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Treble Album Review: Helms Alee “Sleepwalking Sailors” out today 2/11

There are legions of bands — successful ones — that exist to preserve the metal status quo. They are descendants of a mighty legacy, heirs to a spiky, blood-drenched throne. In short, they are metal bands that aren’t interested in reaching any further than the metal community, itself. And that’s perfectly fine; you can’t always kick ass and please everyone. But Seattle trio Helms Alee is not one of these bands. Not even close.

While Helms Alee is at heart a metal band, their methods are unconventional — even iconoclastic. On 2008’s Night Terror and 2011’s Weatherhead, each of which was released by the now inactive Hydra Head, the group yielded colossal and thunderous sounds through deceptively dense constructs. At their heaviest, in those rare moments when they get downright sludgy, there’s an undeniable melodic sensibility about Helms Alee’s music. Guitarist Ben Verellen, bassist Dana James and drummer Hozoji Margullis have intimate knowledge of how hooks work, and the dynamics behind atypical, albeit accessible melodies, all of which achieve a new-found sharpness on new album Sleepwalking Sailors.

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Indian Handcrafts “Swamp Child” new song Free Download via Scion AV


Indian Handcrafts and Dirty Streets have contributed a song each to the Scion Rock Show 7-Inch Series, now available for free download. “Swamp Child” by Indian Handcrafts begins with some intensive pummeling that would be impressive for any band, much less this power duo. The song rages on until its reaches an ethereal, reverb-heavy heaven. Recorded by Toshi Kasai who also helmed their full length
Civil Disobedience For Losers"

Chelsea Wolfe premieres “Feral Love” an excerpt from the film LONE directed by Mark Pellington

Chelsea Wolfe has shared the intense, unsettling video for her Pain Is Beauty track “Feral Love”. It’s an excerpt from the film Lone, which was co-written by Wolfe and directed by Mark Pellington, the director of Pearl Jam’s iconic “Jeremy” video and clips for Michael Jackson, Nine Inch Nails, U2, and others, plus the films Arlington Road, The Mothman Prophecies, and more. It’s due out later this year, both as a stream and on custom-designed USB drives. The hour-long film’s dialogue consists solely of lyrics from Pain Is Beauty.

Here’s a quote from Pellington:
“Chelsea Wolfe’s voice and lyrics narrate this voyeuristic look into the abstract, cathartic subconscious. Lone is a sight and sound exploration into the themes of nature, sexuality, memory, mortality, forgiveness, love, innocence, fragility, violence and beauty.”

Lone Pre-order will be going up this week here.