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Remezcla Q&A: Zechs Marquise, Pay Them!

It’s well known that there is some vigorous musical talent running in the Rodríguez-López’ blood flow. I’m flabbergasted by El Paso’s Zechs Marquise’s latest sophomore release Getting Paid (via Rodríguez-López Productions – you can read our review here), and my devotion to prog-funky-jazz rock is at a high.

Talking to bassist Marfred Rodríguez-López via telephone for the first time felt like I was talking to someone I already knew; the dude’s super cool and chill. It’s probably that border town charm we fronterizos have (*cheesy wink*). In this interview, he talks about the band’s recording studio catching on fire, his experience residing near one of the most dangerous cities in the world, the pressures of being Omar Rodríguez-López‘ brother, and his love of hip hop.


Ovalzoom-Zechs-MarquiseYour album Getting Paid is titled as if it were a hip hop record, and so are some of the songs, like “Crushing It” and “Mega Slap,” yet the music doesn’t sound hip-hop. So, where does that swag  in the titles come from?

It just comes from one basic idea: getting paid. We’re broke, you know. We don’t have a lot of cash. The overall attitude for the song names, and the way they came out is just…. we wanted to make a more cohesive record, so to say something a little more focused, and that had more energy on it; something livelier. With that mentality, we went in the studio, and recorded each song. The last song on the record implies that “slap.”

I read that this upcoming album was constructed as if it were a soundtrack to a movie. Considering this, how does the creative process differ from My Delicate Stranded Nightmare?

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Remezcla Q&A : Zechs Marquise

Zechs Marquise is a prog-funk-jazz band from El Paso, Texas. Their album, Getting Paid (set to release this year) is their sophomore attempt. When I heard them last year, I felt instantly transported to 2004, Roseland Ballroom, where I was exposed to The Mars Volta and their energetic mix of funk, blues, jazz, and ambient noises for the first time. Soon after, I found out why there were so many similarities; two brothers of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (Mars Volta co-brainchild and all-around sage), Marcel and Marfred, formed Zechs in 2003, under the moniker Monolith. They were joined by Matt Wilkson and Marcos Smith on guitar and were recently joined by yet another Rodriguez-Lopez brother, Rikardo, who plays the keys and trumpet.

Zechs have been touring pretty consistently since their formation and right now is no exception. They’re in the middle of a month-long East Coast tour with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group, ending in their hometown on April 30th at the Neon Desert Music Festival.

I got a chance to talk to bassist Marfred Rodriguez-Lopez in between concerts. We talked about their new album, how it is to be on stage with his brothers, and about the creation and proliferation (hopefully) of Zechs Marquise. Also download a track from their debut album below for FREE.

Pigeon Shit by Zechs Marquise 

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Flab Mag: Q&A/ Zechs Marquise’s Marfred Rodriguez Lopez

Zechs Marquise - April 12, 2011, Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
Check out more photos and video on FLABmag’s FLickr Page

The Omar Rodriguez-Lopez group played the GAMH along with opening act, Zechs Marquise, a band that is comprised primarily of Rodriguez-Lopez men. Marfred, Marcel and Rico, along with El Paso friends, Marcos and Matt took the stage to an outpouring of genial enthusiasm – save for the fanboy stage left who intermittently screamed, “Marfred makes me cream my panties!” (I swear to god, no joke.) His enthusiasm was most unctuous, but truth be told, highly warranted.

The stage presence of the gentlemen of Zechs can be best described as mild mannered. However, their musical chops are on par with the very best of experimental Prog Rock (read: they give their brother’s band a run for their money – even without a demon possessed lead singer).  Marfred mumbled into a microphone here and there barely audible but equally as genial as the audience. The big surprise of the night was that his brother Marcel turned out to be quite an accomplished drummer. He held down the groove throughout leading audience members to speculate whether or not he wasn’t the band leader or a “mini-Omar” as one guy put it. Whether he is or not, it is apparent the band is one that is comfortable with musical explorations, each other and any crowd that might be interested in hearing them play.

I had the opportunity to chat with Marfred after the show where he was much more audible and quite articulate. 

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NYC Show Feature/ Interview with Zechs Marquise


Ever been to outer space? Likely not - but if you did, Zechs Marquise would probably be blaring across intergalactic airwaves. Coined “music from outer space” by their close friends, Zechs Marquise has carved out a niche for themselves in the indie music scene, showing no signs of slowing down. Joined by another Rodriguez Lopez – brother Omar of The Mars Volta and The Omar Rodriguez Lopez Group – Zechs Marquise returns to NYC this week to a sold out show at the Highline Ballroom.

Marfred Rodriguez Lopez took the time to speak to me about a Delicate Stranded Nightmare that has shifted into a dream come true.

Times Square: You and your brother Marcel are among the founding members of Zechs Marquise, which also features your brother Rikardo on the trumpet; and, of course, your brother Omar is also a celebrated musician. How important was music in your family, while you were growing up? Were your parents musicians as well?

Marfred Rodriguez Lopez: Yeah, our Dad was a musician. He used to have his own salsa groups.

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New Zechs Marquise in 2011

Check out a new Live clip of Zechs Marquise playing Emo’s in Austin. - They will be back in Austin in March 2011 for SXSW - can’t wait.