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NPR Song of the Day : Hella “Headless”

Hella: Scribbling Outside The Lines

Hella’s Zach Hill and Spencer Seim don’t just color outside the lines of rock ‘n’ roll — they scrawl all over the page, across the tabletop and into the next room. Depending on your perspective, the result is either a dazzlingly unruly abstraction or an unholy mess.

The Sacramento instrumental duo has basically one setting, and it’s full-speed-ahead sensory overload. Hill’s polyrhythmic drum assault and Seim’s jittery, Beefheart-by-way-of-Bad Brains guitar parts volley and tangle frenetically, battling to occupy every square inch of sonic real estate. Needless to say, it’s not easy listening, but with a little patience, unsnarling the duo’s dueling lines can yield exhilarating rewards.

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COS Features Hella’s Headless / Fan Video

With a title like “Headless,” you’d think the official fan-made Hella video would be a little creepy. If so, you’d be right. Director Bootleg Jedi has a simple concept: film an inflatable man. But the frantic speed of the action makes it look far more disturbing than it should be. Rather than seeing the jacket slowly inflate due to an attached pump, it looks like something strange and alien is happening to the man. Throw in some quick, shaky cuts to other inflatable things like a parade floats and you’ve got a freaky video out of something that’s a little offbeat.

“Headless” is off Hella’s debut album, Tripper, due out August 30th through Sargent House.