LA MUSIC BLOG: Live review of Mylets in LA at The Echo - May 2, 2013

Sargent House 
makes a point to sign artists with unique sounds…


LA’s own Mylets consists of Henry Kohen on vocals, Henry Kohen on guitar, and Henry Kohen on the sampling pad. The usual one-man-band thing can get tiresome, but Kohen nails it. His style of jittery, grungy, angsty rock is the kind of sound that he probably wouldn’t want any other musicians to ruin. Using delay pedals to loop guitar parts and sampled drums, he effortlessly creates a complete band right in front of your eyes. When I complimented him on his scream after his set, he replied “Yeah…it hurts,” the perfect self-depreciating response from a lone musician whose talent probably makes him as uncomfortable as it does proud.
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