FLAB MAGAZINE: Audio Interview with Nick Reinhart about Tera Melos’ X’ed Out


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In today’s episode I speak with the guitarist & singer of Tera Melos, an experimental band pushing the boundaries of what rock music can be, or is today, and what three guys in a room can accomplish beyond regurgitating their influences or resting on past laurels. In other words, it’s a pretty earnest and philosophical conversation about the role of the artist in society, their responsibilities to themselves and culture and the quest for originality.

We speak a bit about Nick’s visual art practice and, whether or not he should label himself an “artist.”  Personally, I think the visual work he has created for the band is as much a draw as the music itself.  More than simple “branding,” Reinhart’s works are deliberate borrowings from cultural touchstones whose long established characters are recast, either as avatars for the band members themselves (The Simpsons) or as innocuous mascots (Freddie Krueger).  This ability to co-opt established cultural icons in a meaningful way belies his conceptualist nature.  He may feel awkward labeling himself “artist,” but I have no such problem.

I hope you enjoy what Nick has to say. I know I did.

Tera Melos on the Interwebs:

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