Bosnian Rainbows live @ The Troubadour October 25, 2012

Snapshots, Polaroid pictures, photographic stills, memories, pastness; all words that Omar Rodriguez Lopez used to say while describing his music. Whether it be any of his past groups, I don’t need to name them. Alas, Thursday’s performance by Bosnian Rainbows contradicts all the latter terms, this is music that marries feelings of nostalgia with the power of the future. This is the type of music we have all been waiting for. Onstage, Omar is joined by Teri Gender Bender as the frontwoman alongside the undeniable Dark Angels. The musical viscera presented by Dark Angels alone is otherworldly; bass and melodies by New York City aural chemist Nicci Kasper is heavily paired with the ultimate multitasking artist, Deantoni Parks. For the majority of the set, Deantoni has drumstick in left hand while playing samples and melodies with his right. At some points he even plays on a third instrument behind him. He’s given up cymbals and toms for challenges and an altogether fuller sounding effect on the throne. Now add Omar’s most potent tones with the method-acted possession and hair-raising, perfectly dynamic vocals of Teri and there you have it, the blissfully emergent Bosnian Rainbows.

This is energy I have not witnessed before, this is happiness I haven’t felt before. I’m sure I speak for the entire team at SCV when I say Bosnian Rainbows is beautiful brain-cell-building music. I literally learn more about myself when listening to their compositions. It must feel rewarding and refreshing for Omar to be surrounded by composers and leaders onstage. Collaboration has never sounded so crisp and fluid. Thank you Bosnian Rainbows, for teaching us all a lesson in musical honesty. 


Review By Pouya G. Asadi
All photography by Oliver Walker

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