LAST FM PRESENTS: The Good Old War Interview & Sessions

Good Old War was started by former Days Away members Keith Goodwin and Tim Arnold along with former Unlikely Cowboy member Dan Schwartz. They spent time as the studio & touring band for Anthony Green (Circa Survive) and the logical next step was to get serious as a three-piece. They already knew the musical direction would be acoustic driven with the vocals being a major part of the sound. The three-part harmonies would fall into place as a “happy accident”. The third Good Old War album Come Back As Rain was produced and engineered by Jason Cupp. It was recorded in Omaha, NE at Another Recording Company Studios. In the five weeks Good Old War spent there, 30 songs were recorded and eleven made it onto the album. Watch the guys in performance at our studio in NYC as they do three songs from the new record as well as a fan favorite from the debut album Only Way To Be Alone of 2008.

“Amazing Eyes” - A song that goes back 3 years that Keith could never finish. He loved the chorus part, but couldn’t put it all together. Upon meeting and working with Matt Hales (aka Aqualung), he helped him finally finish the song in about 2 hours.

“Calling Me Names” - One of the last songs recorded for the album. While cruising in the car, Tim and Keith would eventually work this one out. Tim couldn’t get the chorus out of his head. They took that hook, added the groove and the beat, as if they were making a hip-hop song, and would go back to the studio in Omaha and knock this one out.

“Better Weather” - One of four songs that Keith wrote in one day for the album. Following a little argument with his wife, he felt he needed to get out for some air and a slice of pizza. But it was raining, and he started humming a melody. That’s when the song began to work itself out in his head. He said to himself, screw the pizza, it’s raining, and finished the song rather quickly.

“Coney Island” - A fan favorite and a band favorite. It leads off the debut album Only Way To Be Alone. The first song Dan wrote for Good Old War, which basically set the tone for how the band would sound.