Nels Cline + Greg Saunier + Nick Reinhart + Mike Watt = Big Walnuts Yonder - in the Studio recording debut LP

For over a year this has been in the works, four of my favorite players on Earth together in one room making a record that we get to release. I’m still pinching myself that this is real. Nels Cline (Wilco), Greg Saunier (Deerhoof), Nick Reinhart (Tera Melos) and Mike Watt (Minutemen, Firehose) are Big Walnuts Yonder. They are currently recording with the great Tony Maimone at Studio G in Brooklyn. Stay tuned for much more news about what I can honestly say is my kind of  ‘SUPER GROUP’. Oh and we set up a FB Page for them HERE too.

Emma Ruth Rundle Live Audiotree Session Video

Emma Ruth Rundle is a songwriter who incorporates dark, swathing pedal effects to achieve her tidal wave of sound. Violin-like, layered guitar work pours out of the guitar she wields. Her debut record, “Some Heavy Ocean” is a soul-crushing solo effort putting emotive, potent and genuinely longing voice deep within the mix. Her past work in Red Sparrowes and alter-incarnation in Marriages has funneled her vast skill set into a single unit.

Choosing her words carefully, Emma draws each syllable; working to nail the script deeper into a listener’s very soul. Diving into spiritual territory, the record has the speaker exorcising demons by laying in salt, running away from weighty accursed shoulders and being delivered from the burden of close relationships. Emma Ruth Rundle is powerful and contemplative; her saturated guitar work perfecting her intimate sound. - Filmed and recorded at Audiotree Live in Chicago on June 29, 2014.

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Bandwagon Singapore Feature: Sonic Sanctuaries - At Home with Sargent House



With Russian Circles coming for the third time to our side of the dirt, we couldn’t help but notice the very firm relationship our own KittyWu Records have with Sargent House, the record label responsible behind so many brilliant music outfits, including the post-metal trio as well. With a little help from KittyWu and Incursive productions, we’ve had the pleasure of having our face melted and minds shattered watching Deafheaven, And So I Watch You From Afar live this year, not to mention catching the mighty Russian Circles twice, back in 2010 and 2012. In all the aforementioned gigs, the Sargent House artists have unquestionably and consistently proven that they’re among the finest in their respective genres, and put up helluva outstanding live shows while at it too. 

So just how did Sargent House ascended to the echelons of worldwide prominence as one of the most successful independent labels around, representing all our favorite independent bands? The Sargent House origin story is an intriguing one, with one enterprising individual at the centre of it all: Cathy Pellow. Before a stint at Atlantic records as a freelance music video commissioner, she had formed her own music video production company Refused TV producing videos for the likes of Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Train and most notably Cee Lo Green’s “F*ck You” - and that’s where she formed relationships with the bands that would eventually make it into her label roster. 

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The Guardian names Adebisi Shank “Big Unit” Best New Track of the week. Another critic gives advice in Video and Pre-order goes Live


The most ridiculous thing you’ll hear this week, and also the best. Notionally, Irish trio Adebisi Shank play math rock, a genre which brings to mind someone called Gerald trying to recite Pi to 3,000 digits with their guitar. Big Unit though sounds, well, silly. Basically it’s Wake Up by Arcade Fire, but with that song’s fey indie “woahs” replaced by an audio sample of the robot getting waterboarded, while Top Gun guitars squeal violently away in the distance. Ludicrous. More please.
by Gwilym Mumford for The Guardian.

…… but this critic had some different advice

Adebisi Shank’s new album is now available for pre-order on CD or Vinyl or bundled with a fine T-Shirt - go right HERE to order. The album will be released everywhere on August 12th, but pre-orders will ship out around August 3rd.

The Washington City Paper show pick for July 16 - Emma Ruth Rundle at DC9


On her debut solo album, Some Heavy Ocean, Los Angeles-based Emma Ruth Rundle puts away her past life as a guitarist for post-­rock band Red Sparowes while creating a sound that’s also different from her current band, Marriages. Noticeably gone are the hyper-thematic instrumentals of her two previous projects; in their place are lightly layered but powerful vocals that sound equally dramatic. It seems that band life might have hindered Rundle’s creativity: From the eerie vocal loops of the title track all the way to the grunge-ballad closer, “Living With The Black Dog,” Rundle’s solo debut reveals an expansive, previously unseen range. The gloomy sounds cast a shadow over the album—at her live show, expect some darkness. Emma Ruth Rundle performs with Stephen Brodsky at 9 p.m. at DC9, 1940 9th St. NW. $10. (202) 483-5000.

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Boris US Tour begins with additional NY show added & Video Trailer

Boris begin their headline tour across America in support of their newly released album Noise starting on July 24th in San Diego and ending at the already Sold Out FYF Fest in Los Angeles on August 23rd. They have also just announced a special NY show at Saint Vitus that will be a drumless drone set on August 4th the day after their traditional set that they will play in NY at Bowery Ballroom on August 3rd. 

See ALL Boris Tour Dates, Ticket Links and Details HERE and below

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And So I Watch You From Afar have just started recording for the new album. Here are some pictures from the guys.  Day 1 & 2… Drums are first.
You can follow to see more and get news from the band on instagram @asiwyfa_music or twitter @asiwyfa_band

Now Spinning the podcast interview with Sargent House owner Cathy Pellow about why …

Cathy got asked a lot of questions about her history and how and why she started Sargent House . She answered them. Click above to stream the podcast interview with her on Now Spinning.

BOXX Magazine live review: Emma Ruth Rundle - Chicago Show



An Emma Ruth Rundle show tests the boundaries of silence. You stand motionless because you want to soak in every delicate splinter of guitar and, through the muddled grays of her echoey voice, miraculously piece together fragments of words. But that feeling of needing to remain still, keeping an unwavering focus on her black frame goes beyond a choice. It’s a magnetic force, and you can’t break hold.

Some Heavy Ocean, released May 20 on Sargent House, is L.A.-based Rundle’s breakaway project. She’s gathered years of noisy playtime with Marriages, Red Sparowes and The Nocturnes, proving herself as a fearlessly talented guitarist. This year’s solo album captures this talent in a whole new vein but also sheds light on her ethereal vocal qualities that span from gentle ripples to thunderous cliff side waves in a matter of seconds. Each song, even more pronounced in a live setting, takes a surprising turn and Rundle delivered them poker faced on stage. Her gaze remained downwardly transfixed during almost the entire set at Wicker Park’s intimate upstairs venue Subterranean, making only the most sporadic eye contact with the audience before her. It began and ended without frills and devoid of banter. Rundle was all business, but it felt right.

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Gizmodo premiere of new Adebisi Shank track “Voodoo Vision”

Adebisi Shank: Voodoo Vision

Just the other day, I shared an Adebisi Shank song with you guys not only because I loved it but because I thought it was on their new album. It wasn’t, at least that version. But this version, revealed exclusively here at Gizmodo (oooOOOooo), is.

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Terrorizer speaks with Chelsea Wolfe


The inimitable Chelsea Wolfe has just finished her recent US tour, so this seemed like the perfect time for Terrorizer to catch up with her. We sent Joy Shannon to quiz Chelsea on her creative process, overcoming stagefright, her collaboration with King Dude and what we can expect from her new film, ‘Lone’…

An absolute hush goes over the crowd when Chelsea Wolfe stands on stage. Her presence is otherworldly and when she sings, it seems as if even the ghosts in the rafters of the old theatre stop and listen.

Terrorizer caught Wolfe on her last US tour date in Los Angeles at the Orpheum Theatre opening for the Eels, right before she embarked on a Canadian and European tour. This was a unique tour for Wolfe, which she crafted to be a stripped-down acoustic experience, accompanied only with by her co-producer Ben Chisholm & violinist and backing vocalist Andrea Calderon. The trio created devastatingly gorgeous melodies and vocal harmonies, which didn’t shy away from moments of bold, bleak minimalism. Much of the set was played on a very darkly lit stage, transforming the spiralling Baroque architecture of LA’s Orpheum Theatre into a shadowed cave, out of which Wolfe’s voice howled.

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KEXP Video: Chelsea Wolfe performs live acoustic set with strings

image Watch this stunning clip of Chelsea Wolfe performing a live acoustic set with strings on KEXP in Seattle.

Russian Circles head to Asia in July and play Chicago, EU in August


Russian Circles will be heading to Japan for play their first time there. Starting in Tokyo on July 12th at “Leave Them All Behind Fest 2014" with Jesu, Mono and Cohol. They will then play two more shows in Japan before heading on to play Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong. In August they will play in their hometown of Chicago a free outdoor concert as part of the Downtown Series in Millenium Park on August 11th. From there they will then fly to Dublin to play the Sargent House label show and to headline the ArcTangent Festival in Bristol, UK.


July 12
- Tokyo, Japan @ Daikanyama UNIT
Leave Them All Behind Fest w/ Jesu, Mono & COHOL
July 13 - Osaka, Japan @ Pangea w/ Jesu
July 15 - Tokyo, Japan @ Shibuya West 
w/ JK Flesh (Justin K. Broadrick Solo) & Endon
July 18 - Taipei, Tawain @ The Wall
July 20 - Singapore @ Zouk
July 22 - Hong Kong @ Hidden Agenda

August 11 - Chicago, IL @ Millennium Park (Free Show)

August 27
- Dublin, Ireland - Sargent House Show @ Button Factory
w/ And So I Watch You From Afar, Tera Melos, Emma Ruth Rundle, Mylets and No Spill Blood

August 29 - Bristol, UK @ ArcTangent Festival

The Seattle Times Interview with Helms Alee’s own Ben Verellen about his ‘other’ job Verellen Amplifiers

Orange hair spiraling everywhere, Viking-looking Ben Verellen perches on a stool in his Fremont workshop behind the High Dive music venue in Fremont, detailing his intimate relationship with guitar amplifiers.

“I’ve made amps for jazz players, acoustic guitarists — I’d love to be known as making amps for everyone,” he explains. “But there do seem to be a lot of heavy rock customers. I don’t know what it is. The aesthetic? I do sell a lot of amps to friends in bands, and their friends. And … I’m a longhair.”

Verellen is something like “Beast” from the X-Men — hard-core appearance, but a sweet and professorial demeanor. At night, fronting his band Helms Alee, or playing drums in Constant Lovers, he’s all rock and rough. During the day, he meticulously crafts custom amplifiers at his company, Verellen Amplifiers, making setups customized to players’ specifications, one at a time, and completing all the wiring by hand.

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Sargent House European Take Over ArcTangent & Dublin Label Show - Tera Melos give the first Podcast Interview

This August in Europe is a Sargent House bands take over! We have so many bands all coming over to play this years ArcTangent Festival in Bristol, UK on the weekend of August 28-30th. But before that all starts we will be kicking off the whole thing with our own Sargent House Label show in Dublin on August 27th at Button Factory with Russian Circles, And So I Watch You From Afar, Tera Melos, Emma Ruth Rundle, Mylets & No Spill Blood. (Get Early Bird Tickets ASAP Here)

Listen to the first of the ATG/ SH band interview/podcasts with drummer, John Clardy of Tera Melos below: